quinta-feira, 3 de abril de 2008

Go Put Your Strengths to Work - Marcus Buckingham

Following the million-copy bestsellers First Break All the Rules and Now, Discover Your Strengths, Marcus Buckingham’s new book at last answers the ultimate question: How can you actually apply your strengths for maximum success at work? Research data shows that most people do not make full use of their assets at work. This book aims to change that by kick-starting the Strengths revolution that began with Buckingham’s earlier books. Through a six-step, or six-week experience, Go Put Your Strengths to Work shows you how to seize control of your assets and rewrite your job description under the nose of your boss. You will learn: Why your strengths aren’t “what you are good at” and your weaknesses aren’t “what you are bad at.” How to use the four telltale signs to identify your strengths. The simple steps you can take each week to skew your time at work toward those activities that strengthen you, and how to cut out those that don’t How to talk to your boss and your colleagues about your strengths without sounding like you’re bragging. The fifteen-minute weekly ritual that will keep you on your strengths path your entire career. With structured exercises that will become part of your regular work activities, web-enabled tools that allow you to put these lessons into practice immediately, and accounts of people who have successfully applied the book’s lessons. Go Put Your Strengths to Work will arm you with a radically different approach to your work life.

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