domingo, 30 de março de 2008

I've wait all my life to discover who I'm and what I would do all my life, and all this time, I don't knew, but now it's different. I've learning to discover myself and make God's will. My passion it's serve, of course, but, individuallity, I've to work with need people, especially, need girls, help her to know love's God, and now, I've a proposite in my life and this is amazing, 'cause I will use all my gifts to help this people, 'cause Jesus said "go" and i will. I remenber every moment, the world begins where ends my garden...Jesus is awesome. Thank you for change my world, my vision and my life. I'm a artist, a dancer of God, and make the differnce is my challenge for all my life!!!

segunda-feira, 24 de março de 2008

Mamis birthday

My mammy completed more a life year yesterday, me and my sis woke at five a.m. and made a cake for her, was amazing!! She is my heroine, my life, my biggest friend, love you mammis!!! God bless you so much my queen :)

quarta-feira, 19 de março de 2008

We Can't Wait Any Longer No Way!!!!

We Can't Wait Any Longer
Michael W. Smith (Michael W. Smith and
Wayne Kirkpatrick)
A silent call from a distant land
Crying for a helping hand, so
How long will it go on Ignorance and vanity
Supercede humanity, so
How long will it go on? I want to know how long will it go on? We can’t wait any longer
They’re crying out, doesn’t it matter
We can’t wait any longer
No, no
Too long in a slumber
Shake it up, wake it up now
We can’t wait any longer No, no Another child is laid to rest
Another day of hopelessness, so
How long will it go on? And every day we’re on the fence brings
Another fatal consequence, so
How long will it go on? I want to know how long will this go on? Yuko awezayo kusikia kilio chetu? (can somebody hear us crying out?)
Twaomba msaada wenu (somebody help us)
Aweko mwenye kutuokoa (somebody save us)
Aweko mwenye kutupa uhuru (somebody free us)
Escutei essa música pela pr cara, ela é mto real!!! Michael é surpreendente mesmo, por mais q tenha mais de vinte de estrada ele nunca cai na rotina. Bjux Até.

segunda-feira, 10 de março de 2008


A little of our Tour in february, was very good!!! Um pouco do retiro em fevereiro, foi mto bom....
A vida é curta demais para sermos amigas - That a lifetime's not too long to live as friends.
Correndo no sabão - running in the soap
Festa - Party
Louvor a Deus - God's Worship
logo coloco mais fotinhas.... to be continued.