domingo, 30 de março de 2008

I've wait all my life to discover who I'm and what I would do all my life, and all this time, I don't knew, but now it's different. I've learning to discover myself and make God's will. My passion it's serve, of course, but, individuallity, I've to work with need people, especially, need girls, help her to know love's God, and now, I've a proposite in my life and this is amazing, 'cause I will use all my gifts to help this people, 'cause Jesus said "go" and i will. I remenber every moment, the world begins where ends my garden...Jesus is awesome. Thank you for change my world, my vision and my life. I'm a artist, a dancer of God, and make the differnce is my challenge for all my life!!!

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Dutchess disse...

What a cute little clown you make!
I have facebook, you can look me up under Derrillynn Yvonne.
I don't use Myspace much, but I'll look you up!