quinta-feira, 17 de abril de 2008

1 ano e 7 meses de namoro!!

1 year and 7 months of us!!! I love you so much my lover!!!
Live Forever Michael W. Smith Composição: Michael W. Smith and Martin Smith
You painted me a picture of tomorrowA place where you and i walked hand in handA world without despair and without shadowsBut things just didn’t turn out how we’d plannedNow you’re goneAnd i believe that there is somewhereWhere the angels fill the skyAnd i believe we’ll live foreverYou and i, you and iWill never dieI wonder if you knew that you were leavingI thought that i saw something in your eyesYou painted me a picture of believingI’ll see you there on the other sideAnd i’ll be there
te amooooooooo....

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Dutchess disse...

ooooh, I WILL love that! I've always loved Barbie!