segunda-feira, 3 de setembro de 2007

I wanna be your hands

An image flashed across my TV screenAnother broken heart comes into viewI saw the pain, and I turned my backWhy can't I do the things I want to?I am willing yet I'm so afraidYou give me strengthWhen I say I wanna be Your handsI wanna be Your feetI'll go where You send meI'll go where You send meI'll be Your handsI'll be Your feetI'll go where You send meI'll go where You send meAnd I try, yeah I tryTo touch the world like You touched my lifeAn I'll find my wayTo be Your hands I've abandoned every selfish thoughtI've surrender everything I've gotYou can have everything I amAnd perfect everything I'm notI am willing, I'm not afraidYou give me strengthWhen I say... This is the last timeI turn my back on YouFrom now on I'll go outSend me where You want me toI finally have a missionI promise I'll completeI don't need excusesWhen I am Your hands and feetI am Your hands and feet

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